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This is the section of our website that delves into the real nitty gritty of the certification process.  We explain how to go about achieving certification, what to expect whilst being audited and give you lots of tips and links to help you gather all the information you need.  If you already have certification but aren’t happy with the service you receive or the costs involved, we’ll illustrate just how easy it is to transfer to us.

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How to achieve ISO certification ISO 9001     ISO 14001     ISO 45001     ISO 27001 If you already know how to go about getting certification, that’s great.  If you don’t and need someone...>
Audit Process The audit process explained Once you've all your systems and procedures in place and are ready for an audit, what do you need to do next and what happens? Firstly...>
Transfer your certification Transfer your ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 or ISO 45001 certificates. If you're unhappy with your existing certification body, you can simply transfer your registration to Approachable Certification.  Perhaps...>
Useful Links If you're new to certification, registration or accreditation, it can be difficult to work out which websites are genuine and how everything fits together.  Here are a few sites that...>
Terminology If you’re new to the world of certification, you may be confused about the various terms used.  Let’s take ISO 9001 as an example. ISO 9001 is an international standard...>
2017 changes to ISO 27001 A European version of ISO 27001 was published in 2017. It is not an international (ISO) standard. UKAS only accredits certification bodies (such as us) against the original 2013 international...>
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