UKAS Witnessed Audits

As part of the process to extend the scope of our UKAS accreditation we need companies to audit whilst being witnessed by UKAS.  For organisations willing to assist us in this way, we’re offering audits at £350 per day (regardless of whether UKAS ultimately chooses to witness the audit).  This’ll be attractive to companies that’re cost sensitive or principally adopt management systems for business improvement.

In practice, this is how it works.  We carry out the audit in two stages as normal.  UKAS may witness us for stage 2.  Following a successful audit on the company we issue an Approachable Certification certificate.  Then, providing UKAS is satisfied with the way we carried out the audit, we’ll be granted accreditation for that sector (and maybe others).  We then reissue the company’s certificate with a UKAS logo on it (free of charge).

If the organisation has an urgent need for a UKAS certificate this may not be appropriate.  However, this’s frequently not the case, as demonstrated by the number of non-UKAS certificates already in the marketplace.  Of course, we don’t encourage that and our non UKAS certificate’s only a necessary interim measure.  This process will appeal to customers who’re willing to work with us in the short term so that we can repay them with excellent customer service and competitive prices in the long term.

Witnessed audits are equally suitable for organisations new to certification, or those approaching recertification.

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail or request a quotation, please contact us or use our quotation request form.


Approachable Certification
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