The People

We may currently be a small certification body.  But that’s in size only.  Certainly not experience.  Below you can read more about who we are and what we stand for.

George Maxwell – Operations Director

Picture of GMApproachable Certification is George’s brainchild.  His success in the certification business is legendary.  Firstly he grew a regional office of a large certification body (CB).  With that thriving, he decided to use his knowledge and experience to set up his own CB.  With his business partner, that became one of the most successful CBs in the country and was eventually sold.  Three years passed and George was missing the industry he’s grown so fond of, so decided to set about growing another CB.  And so Approachable Certification was born.

George has a large family which keeps him busy.  When he’s not following his passions of playing golf or watching Manchester City, you’ll find him cheering on his race horse or walking his dog Harvey.

Nigel Dunkinson – Marketing Manager

NPD pic Jun14

Nigel’s no stranger to the world of certification either, having worked with five Certification Bodies during his career.  Often the front man, ensuring that the website is attractive to customers, but also networking behind the scenes to bring in new leads.  Nigel’s most successful venture was whilst previously working with George, who approached him once again to grow the business and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Nigel’s an active type, spending much of his time on a tennis court or cycling around country lanes.  At home, he can always be found listening to all sorts of music.  He’s a seasoned traveller and enjoys nothing more than travelling to foreign climes with his wife.

Rachel Maxwell – Office Manager

Photo of RSM lowres

Yes, you may have gathered, Rachel is related to George.  His daughter acquired an enthusiasm for management systems whilst studying for her degree.  This complements her IT and organisational skills, and commitment to ensuring the office runs like clockwork.

Rachel enjoys travelling and always likes to have her next trip planned.  Around town she can often be spotted enjoying a night out with her friends.  Rachel keeps fit by going to the gym and during quieter moments is adept at selling discarded items on eBay.

Emma Maxwell – Marketing Assistant

emma-ac2Also George’s  daughter (perhaps we should be called Maxwell Certification!), Emma’s currently studying for a degree in Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. But during vacations (of which there’s lots) and various days during term time she can be found in our office putting her newly learnt skills into action. All with the aim of making Approachable Certification a household name in the world of certification.

Other than studying, Emma enjoys eating well and exercising at the gym. And if that paints just too perfect a picture, she also confesses to watching a lot of TV  (Corrie’s her favourite) and searching the Internet for nice things to buy.

Peter Kay – Lead Auditor for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001

pk2Peter’s a highly experienced management systems consultant and lead auditor, having worked for consultancies and certification bodies both in the UK and USA.  During the 1990s,  Peter established and managed a successful consultancy business in the USA and then ran a certification body under licence before returning to the UK in 2000.  He then became a Director in a number of software related businesses before returning to his preferred field of consultancy and auditing.

Peter enjoys travelling both for business and pleasure.  At weekends he likes to spend time with his family and whenever possible watch Sheffield United when they’re playing at home.

Keith Smith – Technical Advisor and Lead Auditor for ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001

Keith’s an experiencekeithd Certification Manager and Lead Auditor with more than 35 years working knowledge of the certification industry. He’s worked for a number of Certification Bodies in the UK and has established and managed offices world-wide. Although now semi-retired, he remains busy and involved in the industry, passing on his knowledge and experience in all areas of the certification process.

Keith’s an active Christian and likes to compose Christian songs.  He enjoys golf and follows Stoke City FC.

Paul Attrell –  Lead Auditor for ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Paul started his career as a Systems Engineer in the Royal Navy.  During his 25-year service he visited 96 countries.  So, you can truly say he has worked all over the world. During that time, his responsibilities included ensuring that work carried out on the ship met Defence and International Standards.  It was therefore a natural progression to transition into a certification body for civilian life.

Paul now works as a freelance auditor, trainer and consultant.  He is knowledgeable in numerous management systems standards, specialising in ISO 27001.  He has worked in industries as varied as recruitment, printing, IT services and construction.

When not working, Paul and his wife enjoy walking their Cocker Spaniel and playing in the Salvation Army band.  The sea still calls, and whilst Carol will accompany Paul on cruises, he hasn’t yet been able to persuade her to join him on his offshore yachting adventures.



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